Cloud-based mobile construction software, built by construction experts.

Get work done more efficiently on the job site.

Stay connected with all stakeholders, kill rework, and nip costly delays in the bud.

Construction companies routinely lose up to 12% of their total contract value on rework — mostly due to bad scheduling and ineffective collaboration. But with CADBEAM, you can fix that easily.

  • Work from a shared progress schedule so everyone knows what’s up and where things might go wrong.

  • Let subcontractors see when tasks are completed so they can step in as early as possible. Enhanced collaboration? Check.

  • Anticipate delays and deal with them before they get out of hand.

  • Let your clients see everything that’s happening on site, or send them reports automatically.





The main contributor to rework is bad scheduling.

How good is yours?

Instantly know what needs to be done to meet your deadlines.

Easily create your project schedule, or automatically import it from MS Project or Primavera, and see the result in an easy-to-read, dynamic Gantt chart. No confusion possible.

Everyone can see an up-to-date version of the chart every time a new task is completed.

CADBEAM Construction app: Measure and Share your progress
CADBEAM Construction app: Mobile real-time tasks update

Get real-time status updates on the tasks you assigned.

Assign tasks for your subcontractors, let them assign their own subtasks, and be notified of their completion in real time.

If any task is taking longer than it should, you will know instantly where to take action for the project to move on.

And since it works directly from your phone or tablet, you won’t have to decipher anybody’s handwriting on punchlists and other documents ever again.


Stay mobile and avoid the useless back-and-forth.

Let’s face it — the job isn’t happening behind a desk.

That’s why CADBEAM is all about mobility, so you can access essential information wherever you are, on any device (phone, tablet, iOS or Android).

Your data is synchronized with the cloud and stored on your device.

Got no signal? No problem. You can still read and edit your files, and notify others of your work when you reach a signal-covered area.

CADBEAM Construction app: Mobile real-time tasks update

“Cloud-based” means everyone works from the same set of documents.

Collaboration doesn’t have to be a headache.

CADBEAM Construction app: Mobile real-time tasks update

Share all your files, and don’t waste hours finding them.

Insert all your documents and photos directly into your plans: give the right information to the right person, and put it just where they would expect to find it.

All the files are shared between trades so everyone works from the same documents: you can forget the nightmare of subcontractors working from old plans.

And you don’t even need to convert your AutoCAD DWG files. CADBEAM reads them automatically, just like it reads PDF and PNG files.


Easily edit and annotate your plans for lightning-fast snagging.

Snap a picture, and it only takes a few taps on your tablet or phone to let your subcontractors know the exact location of the defects that have to be fixed.

With that kind of pinpoint precision, they will never have to ask you for details again.

They can work faster, and with instant synchronization, everyone is always on the same page.

CADBEAM Construction app: Mobile real-time tasks update

Stay on top of things & keep your clients in the loop ...without getting paperworked to death

CADBEAM Construction app: Mobile real-time tasks update

Keep a bird’s eye view on your whole project, whether you’re online or offline.

With all the data at your fingertips, you need a way to see the bigger picture.

Your dashboard tells you everything you need to know to make quick decisions.

See the progress for each floor, the number of obstacles encountered, and the deadlines. Now you can easily assess your risk and delays.


One-click daily reports to keep your clients in the loop.

Easily generate all the reports you need, and send them to all stakeholders to keep them posted on the latest developments.

Everybody’s happy.

Less writing, less printing for you, and more information for your clients.

The best part is, everything is accessible securely in the cloud from your smartphone or your computer. Bye, bye, phone and fax machine.

CADBEAM Construction app: Progress Report

Enjoy the benefits of software built by industry professionals

CADBEAM Construction app: Tailor-made services for the construction industry

Hit the ground running with our tailor-made services.

Setting up your projects and maintaining them is as easy as it gets with CADBEAM.

But if you want to get up to speed even faster, you might be interested in our turnkey solutions and on-site training

You’ll team up with the very engineers who built CADBEAM who will teach you all the tips and tricks, and we will:

  • Help you keep the project schedule up to date
  • Analyse hurdles that could slow down progress
  • Offer suggestions to overcome them

All of it through CADBEAM, so you get complete accountability.