The construction management platform to improve on-site collaboration and performance.

CADBEAM centralises all work on a construction site
and is accessible everywhere thanks to tablets and smartphones.

On-site coordination is not an easy task ...

Almost all building trades are linked to each other.
Delays may occur from one trade and impact all the others in a domino effect.
In this case, companies have a lack of visibility and don't know when and how to plan their work.

Now you can take advantage of new technologies and work more efficiently.

CADBEAM centralises data coming from the field and measures its impact on the project schedule.
Stakeholders now view in real-time who does what, when and where on the construction site.

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Measure your progress

Measure the progress towards your objectives and quickly identify the time impact of the reported issues. The progress of each task is dynamically updated using information on-site.

Improve collaboration

It’s not all about snagging. Share information with other trades (technical documents, issues and task progression) and be notified in real-time.

Manage your resources

Accuracy and speed of information changes your way of managing your construction site. Manage your team more efficiently by assigning tasks to your users and receiving notifications when they are finished or blocked by other trades.

Reduce paperwork

Reducing your paperwork and paper consumption represents a major time and money saver for you and your company. In one click, generate all your work reports and send them to your collaborators.